[RECORDING] Experience is Everything! Why Client Experience is Key to Getting (and Retaining) More Clients

Research has shown that client experience has been bypassing almost all other deciding factors for clients. With the amount of choice in the marketplace, and the small variance of pricing the overall client experience becomes the driving factor for prospects to choose your business over another and to stay with it. In this session you will learn how to develop an outstanding client experience along every step of their journey from awareness to repeat business.
Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how to create ACE’s (Awesome Client Experiences)
  • Identify your current clients journey and where you can improve
  • Tips of some easy changes that you can implement today

Hosted by…

M Darren Root, CPA.CITP

Eric Pulaski, CEOWith more than two decades working in the tax and accounting profession, Darren is a highly respected certified public accountant and a nationally recognized speaker. He is president of Root & Associates, LLC and co-authored The E-Myth Accountant, which was published in March 2011. Viewed as a technology and workflow expert, he is a frequent speaker at several conferences, trade shows, and industry-related events.