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The SmartVault Health Check connects you with a trainer who is dedicated to helping you optimize your use of SmartVault and reach more efficiencies in your document workflow.

Whether you are new to SmartVault or a long-time customer just looking to power up your use of SmartVault, grab an hour with our consulting team and we’ll make sure you are getting the absolute most value out of SmartVault for your business.




1:1 Session
with a SmartVault Trainer

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SmartVault Health Check includes

A check of your SmartVault configuration

Custom Branding
Review (or set up) your custom branding in the portal and on email templates

Employees, Clients, Guests
Review (or set up) your employee and client/guest users

Scanners and Printers
Review (or set up) scanner and/or PDF printer

App Integrations
Review (or set up) application integration with tax and/or accounting system

Check current folder and email templates*

A check of your 'send to client' workflows

Source Files
Review (or set up) the workflow for collecting source files from clients

Review (or set up) workflows for distributing organizers, returns or financial statements*

Client Experience
Review of the ‘client experience’ – how the interaction with SmartVault looks to users you invite and share files with

An intro to the new SmartVault features you may have missed

  • Audit reporting and activity logs
  • Simplify security and user permissions using ‘groups’ (great for managing access for your employee users)
  • eSignature integration (requires account with RightSignature)*
  • File locking / auto-check in and check out of files & private vault set up*
  • Utilizing the Connected Desktop and encrypted email in your daily workflows*
  • Review of the new SmartVault Dashboard functionality
  • Using the SmartVault PDF Print Driver to save files to SmartVault from various apps
  • Learn how to install and use the plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

Documentation & Training

We’ll provide you with overview and online documentation for future reference


* For customers on SmartVault Tax Prep / Accounting Pro Plans

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“I had a great experience, and learned things I didn't know about SmartVault. Because I haven't thought about SmartVault beyond taxes, I'm excited to see additional ways that I can use it!”

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Miguel Tierrafria / SmartVault Trainer

Our team is dedicated to helping you optimize and customize SmartVault to drive more efficiencies in your day to day document workflows.