Cloud9 Real Time

Cloud9 Real Time provides a privately labeled virtual office solution to host all your applications, data and users in one central location. Cloud9 Real Time is a licensed and accredited Managed Service Provider offering advanced hosting solutions and a customized Private Cloud for accounting professionals. Licensed by both Intuit and Sage in the US and Canada, Cloud9 Real Time offers a customized and privately labeled all in one virtual office solution. You can have an online portal with instant access to QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, your Tax software and other applications, plus client data. On the forefront of cloud computing, Cloud9 Real Time offers QuickBooks hosting as well as custom virtual server creation saving businesses up to 70% on IT costs. With a state of the art SAS70 Type II Data Center, uninterrupted power supply and never charging for storage, IT or maintenance, Cloud9 is your virtual office provider!

Webinar: SmartVault for Accounting Pros in the Cloud9 Environment

See how SmartVault combined with a Cloud Hosting Provider gives Accounting Pro’s an all in one virtual office solution by having the full desktop version of QuickBooks available anytime, anywhere synced in real time with their SmartVault system. Learn more »

Hosted by SmartVault and Cloud9 Real Time

Working with SmartVault

SmartVault integrates with Cloud9 Real Time perfectly to offer an ideal Cloud solution with the benefits of attaching documents directly to QuickBooks transactions in the full desktop version of QuickBooks with anytime, anywhere access

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