SmartVault for Xero

SmartVault ‘Inside’ Xero

If Xero is your financial system of choice, now it can be at the center of your online document storage and secure file sharing workflow, too! SmartVault offers a unique Toolbar plug-in for Xero, so you can seamlessly scan, attach, and access documents right from inside the Xero web app. Source documents can be associated with Xero entries, so you can always find the file you need, when you need it. If you love Xero for beautiful accounting, you’ll love SmartVault for seamlessly integrated online document storage.

Online Document Storage and Secure File Sharing that’s Built for Business

SmartVault is more than just a cloud drive… it’s secure online document storage that’s not only easy-to-use…. it also integrates with the apps that you’re already using in your business. With SmartVault, you can:

  • Attach source documents directly to entries in Xero, so you’re always audit-ready
  • Customize your folder structure for storing documents online
  • Securely share files with your own custom branded client portal
  • Access your files anywhere with SmartVault’s mobile apps
  • Control and monitor user access so only the right people have access to the right files

Get Started with SmartVault for Xero in 3 Easy Steps

  1. If you haven’t already, start your free trial of SmartVault… there’s no risk and no credit card required
  2. Follow the steps to Install the SmartVault Browser Extension for Xero
  3. Start attaching files directly to entries to in Xero!

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