End-to-End Paperless Workflow for Expense Report Automation

Get an end-to-end paperless workflow for managing your business expenses. And ensure all your receipts and source documents relating to your business expenses are attached to entries in QuickBooks, giving you one location for all financial data and all related source files so you are always audit-ready. QuickBooks and Beyond Blog: Review of Tallie for Expense Management >> 

Automated data collection, integration, and compliance

Tallie intelligently scans, categorizes, and matches receipt and credit card data, automatically generates expense reports, and syncs expense data directly to QuickBooks for seamless reporting and processing of expenses. Tallie not only streamlines data collection, its suite of policy compliance and internal control tools help ensure that the right data is gathered and sorted in an audit-friendly manner.

Integrated QuickBooks document management… and more!

With SmartVault, you get easy-to-use online document storage and secure file sharing that’s built for businesses. The patented SmartVault Toolbar integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online and lets you attach source files directly to over 30 different transaction types in QuickBooks. Enjoy all the ease and convenience of a cloud drive, with the security features that you need to protect your documents and stay in compliance.

Central repository for all financial data and all related source files

Tallie’s integration with SmartVault delivers the ability to sync your source documents (receipts and other files stored in Tallie) directly to the associated entry in QuickBooks giving you:

  • One central repository for all financial data and all related source files
  • Business assurance that you are always ‘audit-ready’
  • Fully integrated document management solution for storing all your files online, not just those associated with Tallie or QuickBooks

Try SmartVault and Tallie Free!

To start your free trial of SmartVault visit www.smartvault.com/signup and choose the plan that best fits your needs. All SmartVault plans include a 30-day free trial. We’ve also got a team of Customer Care Heroes standing by to make sure you get the most out of SmartVault in your own workflow.

To start your free trial of Tallie, visit http://usetallie.com to learn more and speak with an expert about getting started.

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