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At Method, we believe CRM is much more than just tracking leads and customer interactions. We believe CRM should achieve company-wide automation. So we invented a customizable platform for QuickBooks that lets your unique business get more done in fewer steps.

Customization means you don’t need separate applications to run business processes unique to your company. Our QuickBooks integration is seamless and works with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. It provides a near-zero setup time and the deepest level of bi-directional sync possible. Easily track opportunities allowing you to make sure no deal falls through the cracks and that your leads stay out of QuickBooks until your ready to covert them. Track the effectiveness of campaigns, use cases to track customer service issues and use portals to allow customers to view/pay their own invoices.

Method CRM is affordable, starting at just $25 monthly per user or $40 monthly per user for CRM Pro.

Method CRM Integration with SmartVault

Integration between Method CRM and SmartVault is seamless and provides you with the ability to manage your documents completely through the web. This means your sales and support staff will have access to the same documents that you or your accountant has in QuickBooks wherever they are working.

When working with documents in Method CRM, you can:

  • Upload documents directly into your SmartVault account in as little as one click.
  • Relate your documents to CRM entries such as opportunities, cases, solutions or activities.
  • Relate your documents to QuickBooks transactions such as estimates, invoices, payments or sales orders.
  • Relate your documents to leads and Method will automatically make the documents appear in the SmartVault toolbar when you’re ready to convert them into a customer.
  • Easily fetch documents you’ve uploaded from within the SmartVault QuickBooks toolbar and have them appear in Method’s document library.

Having the documents you need where you work has never been easier. By leveraging the integration between Method CRM and SmartVault, you’ll ensure you never upload a document twice again and have access to those documents anywhere you have web access.

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