FileThis Pro

Effortless Document Collection For CPAs, Accountants, and Tax Pros

Named by TIME Magazine as one of the “50 Best Web Services of 2014” and a Macworld “Best of Show 2012” winner, FileThis Pro is a fully automated document collection service that gathers your client’s online statements, invoices, bills, and tax documents from their online accounts and stores them in SmartVault:

  • FileThis Pro automates time consuming parts of your daily job!
  • FileThis Pro is like a personal assistant for your clients that fetches all their online statements on a reliable schedule.
  • The first time a client connects an account, FileThis Pro collects up to three years worth of documents – and every new document that becomes available in the future.
  • FileThis Pro stores bills, statements, and other files as searchable PDF files
  • FileThis Pro automatically names client documents clearly by institution, account number, and date.

FileThis Pro uses bank-level security by encrypting documents (256-bit AES) and connections (256-bit SSL)

FileThis Pro Integration with SmartVault

FileThis Pro has been built to work with document and client portals like SmartVault. FileThis Pro automatically delivers your client documents directly to your client vaults in SmartVault. Clients no longer have to manually upload their online statements to their SmartVault account.

Getting Started with FileThis Pro for SmartVault

As accountant:

  1. Sign up for a FileThis Pro account (you can start with a free trial).
  2. Log in to the FileThis Pro Admin Console and set your storage destination to SmartVault.
  3. Create a FileThis folder for your client’s vault on SmartVault
  4. Now you can invite your clients using the FileThis Pro Admin console and watch their statements coming in. No more chasing clients!

As client:

  1. Request a free FileThis Pro invitation from your accountant. Ask him about FileThis Pro!
  2. Sign up using the unique link in your email invitation from your accountant.
  3. Set SmartVault as your storage destination.
  4. Connect FileThis with your financial accounts and watch your statements being delivered to your SmartVault account. No more uploading documents!

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