Online Document Storage Plus Compliant, Secure File Sharing For Construction

SmartVault adds value to your business processes by giving you the ability to store all of your files securely online, access documents when you need them, and securely share files with the right people. It’s easy for you to use and adds immediate value to your workflow, saving you time and reducing your costs.

Managing multiple jobs, contractors and suppliers can create a nightmare when it comes to storing and accessing all of the associated documents. With SmartVault you can securely store all files associated with a project, share those files safely and easily for streamlined project communication, and create an audit trail in the event of any type of a dispute.

SmartVault is specifically designed for businesses with features that give you an easy to use paperless on-ramp, seamless integration with QuickBooks as well as an intuitive portal for managing files and folders and setting granular user access.

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Easy and Safe

SmartVault has robust features wrapped up in a very easy to use interface. We know if it’s not easy, you won’t use it.

  • Customize Your File & Folder Structure
    Create and organize multiple levels of folders for all of your documents. Users see only what you have granted them access to.
  • Send links, not files
    Send a link to a file directly from the SmartVault client portal or embed a link to a file directly in your email client. Sharing large files is now as easy as clicking a link.
  • Drive mapping
    Map a SmartVault Drive and easily open, view, edit and save files directly to SmartVault, just as you would work with files on your local computer.
  • Document security
    We employ AES-256 SSL to protect your documents, passwords, and interactions with SmartVault from eavesdropping.

Integrates with Your Apps

Upload, access and manage your documents right from applications you are already using. With SmartVault, you shouldn’t have to ‘manage’ your documents, they should just be accessible when you need them, and from whatever access point you choose (the Web, an app, your mobile or desktop).

  • Seamless QuickBooks Integration
    Attach documents directly to QuickBooks transactions. With SmartVault, you can also backup and share the QuickBooks company file.
  • Microsoft Outlook Plug-in
    Send secure links, upload files, convert attachments to secure links, and request files from others – all directly from Outlook.
  • Integrates With Other Applications
    Save any document to SmartVault directly from Microsoft Office applications or virtually any Windows application that creates and exports files or allows you to ‘print to PDF’.
  •  Mobile Access and Upload
    Connect instantly to SmartVault from any internet-enabled mobile device. View files and upload photos, videos and emails directly to SmartVault.

Built for Businesses

SmartVault is specifically designed for businesses with robust reporting, customized alerts and granular folder-level access – all wrapped up in an easy to use interface.

  • Custom branded portal
    Extend your professionalism and set up a secure client portal for accessing and uploading files, branded with your company’s logo and color scheme.
  • Activity tracking
    Generate on-demand reports that provide you an audit trail of which users uploaded, downloaded, deleted, or changed the properties of a document.
  • Automated alerts
    Configure SmartVault to automatically notify you when documents are uploaded or downloaded. You can also set the frequency of the notifications.
  • Full text search
    Search for documents stored in SmartVault based on name, description, keyword or phrase.