SmartVault For Accountants

SmartVault adds value to your accounting firm by helping you store your files securely online, access documents when and where you need them, and securely share files with the right people. It’s easy for your firm to use, and more importantly, it’s easy for your clients to use, too.

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SmartVault For Construction

For constructions business owners, Managing multiple jobs, contractors and suppliers can create a nightmare when it comes to storing and accessing all of the associated documents. With SmartVault you can securely store all files associated with a project, share those files safely and easily for streamlined project communication, and create an audit trail in the event of any type of a dispute.

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SmartVault For Healthcare

SmartVault has put security processes and protocols in place that make it part of a HIPAA compliant solution including: encryption for documents in transit, document access via authenticated login, activity logs providing a complete audit history and granular access to files and folders.

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SmartVault For Legal

As a legal professional, you can store all of your documents relating to a specific matter and access those files easily from a mapped drive, a browser or a mobile device. Meet compliance regulations by sharing links to files instead of emailing attachments – users access only documents you’ve authorized.

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