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The Paperless Office is a Reality with One-Click Scan to Cloud from SmartVault

Even in today’s digital world, the reality is that most businesses are still dealing with a mountain of paper – bills, invoices, receipts, statements – you get the picture. There are many reasons to reduce the amount of paper your business deals with on a daily basis:

  • Costs — storing and archiving all of that paper is expensive
  • Convenience —  in today’s mantra of ‘work anywhere’, having your documents always-available at your fingertips is a must
  • Conservation — less paper equals more trees

No matter what your reason is, SmartVault can make the dream of a paperless office a reality with built-in scan to cloud features and wizards. With desktop power tools like the SmartVault Inbox and a seamless integration with ScanSnap and other Twain-based scanners – you can start going paperless today.

Scan to Cloud with the SmartVault Inbox

With the SmartVault Inbox, you can scan to the cloud and upload documents into an electronic holding bin in the cloud (replacing that old paper-tray inbox on your desk) and retrieve them for later processing. You can configure the Inbox to scan to any folder in SmartVault giving you secure online document storage. With the SmartVault Inbox you can:

  • Scan, drag and drop or upload files from your local computer or network to the Inbox for later processing
  • Increase efficiency by having office staff or administrators use the Inbox to get paper into digital format quickly
  • Work smarter in a hosted environment — scan to the Inbox and process files in your hosted desktop

Smart Scanning from SmartVault & ScanSnap

SmartVault and ScanSnap have partnered to deliver one-click scan to cloud integration giving you a secure easy to use paperless on-ramp. With the click of a button, you can scan and store items directly into any folder in SmartVault. With SmartVault and ScanSnap you can:

  •  Configure profiles that connect your ScanSnap scanner directly to SmartVault giving you the ability to scan directly to any SmartVault folder
  • Automate file naming for easy identification – we include transaction, date and vendor name in the scanned document name – but give you the ability to edit the information
  • Streamline workflow with seamless QuickBooks integration and the ability to scan and attach source documents directly to transactions in QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online.

*Note: While we’re pretty proud of our integration with ScanSnap, SmartVault is compatible with all TWAIN-compliant scanners

You can learn more about ScanSnap or check out our discount pricing through our partnership with Amazon.

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