Mobile Access

Take SmartVault with you and access your files no matter where you are. Using SmartVault on your smartphone is like having a whole filing cabinet, plus a mail room, inside your pocket – and it weighs a whole lot less!

SmartVault for iPad and iPhone

With the SmartVault app for the iPad, you have a SmartVault command center right on your iPad to browse, search, view and share documents

Features include:

  • Get and send links to files from your iPad or iPhone
  • Email files as attachments from your iPad or iPhone
  • Search for files on your iPad or iPhone just like you can do from the SmartVault client portal
  • Easily upload photos to SmartVault – really handy for taking pictures of receipts (or any other images you need to upload to SmartVault)
  • Works with other iPad and iPhone apps that support the “Open in…” feature to share files between apps.
  • An enhanced PDF viewer in full-screen mode. This is fantastic for viewing PDF files on your iPad and a great way to run slide shows right from your iPad (if you save presentations to PDF one slide per page).

Available on the App StoreSmartVault for iPad or iPhone is available as a free download to all SmartVault users. Just visit the App Store from your mobile device and search for SmartVault.

SmartVault for Android

Users of the Google Android can now access all of their documents in SmartVault — and upload videos, photos and email directly to SmartVault. This is Eric’s (SmartVault CEO) phone of choice! We support any app on the Android that works with the WebDAV protocol. A variety of WebDAV clients are available through the App Store. Just search for the term WebDAV and choose the one that works best for you. Click here for instructions on how to Configure SmartVault on your Android Device >>


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