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Store files locally. Send files as encrypted attachments.

With SmartVault Local, you get all the convenience of the SmartVault Connected Desktop, but your confidential documents are stored on your local server, PC or laptop, and not in the cloud. While you don’t get the benefit of a client portal, you can send encrypted, password-protected PDF files to guests or clients that have not been invited to your SmartVault account. SmartVault Local gives you the ability to restrict document access by physical location – employees can only access documents from behind your firewall, or with the use of a VPN.

No database hassles! With both SmartVault online and SmartVault Local, no matter how many documents you upload, the database never slows down and your clients never need to be partitioned into separate databases. SmartVault Local is just as fast whether you have megabytes or terabytes of data.


Storing Your Documents Locally in SmartVault

With SmartVault Local, your documents are stored locally and managed by you.


SmartVault for Tax Prep

Base Price

$ 20 / user / month

billed annually



Your desktop or server


250GB of Storage

File Sharing

Encrypted Email

Share files as encrypted attachments

Client Portal

Securely share with unlimited clients!

Lacerte and ProSeries integration
SmartVault Connected Desktop
Local Storage Option
Dual Key Encryption
Branded Portal for File Sharing
Secure Backup of all Files
Audit Logs for Compliance
Full-Text Search
Bulk Email of Tax Returns
Version History
Email Notifications
MS Outlook Plug-In
Email Template Editor
Mobile Apps

SmartVault Local

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Customers SmartVault

“Compared to Lacerte's DMS, SmartVault is awesome. ”

“The SmartVault Connected Desktop application has made our transition from DMS very easy. Technical Support has been responsive and helpful.”

“Usually I would be worried about switching technology [Intuit DMS for SmartVault] right before tax season, but it all turned out fine. And, this year was the best tax season I’ve ever had!”

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Compare SmartVault Local to Intuit DMS

Document management is our core business, and we continue to invest to improve usability and add features to streamline workflow and improve efficiencies in your firm. When considering your local storage options, there are three primary benefits to using SmartVault Local over Intuit DMS or a local file server.

SmartVault Local Intuit DMS


With SmartVault’s dual-key authorization, access to your encrypted local files is only possible by using a key that is stored online, so only authorized users can get access to your documents. In other words, even if the “bad guy” gets physical access to your hard drive, he can’t decrypt and view your confidential files.

Split key encryption requires authorized access to SmartVault and the local store.

Encryption for DMS is hardcoded and the same for every customer.


SmartVault takes the IT burden off the firm - providing a managed platform with the expertise to manage and secure your data.

Built specifically to manage your data – database size does not impact performance.

Higher risk of corruption if the database becomes too large. Performance may be impacted if the database is not re-indexed.**

Scalability & Customization

With SmartVault, there is no need to manage multiple databases to get better performance and scalability, or to have multiple folder templates.

You can have different folder templates for different client types without having to set up multiple databases.

Having multiple databases can slow you down when going from one client to another (in another database).


Migrate files quickly and easily from Intuit DMS to SmartVault Local or online.

** Recommended database size as published by Intuit is 3–5 years.