SmartVault Inbox

Your Easy to Use Paperless On-Ramp – Convert Paper to Digital Format Quickly and Easily

With the SmartVault Inbox, you can scan and upload documents into an electronic holding bin, and retrieve them for later processing. This easy-to-use desktop widget is similar to the physical inbox tray that’s probably already sitting on your desk, and is likely part of your daily workflow.

The SmartVault Inbox is included as a download with our other powerful Desktop Tools including the SmartVault Drive and the SmartVault Toolbar Plug-in for QuickBooks. Our Desktop Tools were designed to make it easy to scan, upload and view files quickly and easily so you can work the way YOU work.

You can configure the Inbox to scan to any folder in SmartVault. For example, an accountant might ask their client to use the Inbox to scan and upload all of their invoices for the month to a folder called, “Send to My CPA”. The CPA can then access the Inbox and attach the invoices to the appropriate QuickBooks entry. Or an office manager could ask their sales department to scan and upload their expense receipts from the Inbox to a folder called “Expense Receipts.” The receipts could then be picked up and later processed by accounting.

With the SmartVault Inbox you can:

  • Scan, drag and drop, or upload files from your local computer or network to the Inbox for later processing
  • Increase efficiency by having office staff or administrators use the Inbox to get paper into digital format quickly
  • Achieve fast, easy high-volume scanning with a custom integration with Fujitsu ScanSnaps— users automatically scan directly to the Inbox.

In a nutshell, the Inbox is a fast and easy way to scan your documents and process them later.

The SmartVault Inbox in a Hosted Application Environment

The Inbox also helps you work more efficiently in a hosted application environment — you can use a local scanner to scan directly to the Inbox, then access scanned documents from your hosted desktop. If you host QuickBooks® or Microsoft Office, this is a tool you’ll love!

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