SmartVault Drive

Map a SmartVault Drive and Work with Your Files from any Desktop

With the SmartVault Drive, you can map a drive letter on any computer directly to your files and folders in SmartVault. So you can work with your files in the same way that you would if they were on your hard drive or saved to your local computer. You get an intuitive way to create folders and browse, upload and view documents using the familiar Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. You’ll interact with folders and documents just as you do using your local computer.

The SmartVault Drive is included as a download with our other powerful Desktop Tools including the SmartVault Inbox and the SmartVault Toolbar Plug-in for QuickBooks. Our Desktop Tools were designed to make it easy to scan, upload and view files quickly and easily so you can work the way YOU work.

You can create folders and subfolders and build a hierarchy based on your workflow. If you already have a folder hierarchy, just use the mapping functionality to map multiple folders or an entire drive to SmartVault. With the click of a mouse, you can copy your files to SmartVault. It’s easier than ever to back up your files for secure file sharing and online document storage. You can even use a free sync tool to sync your local folders with SmartVault.

With the SmartVault Drive you can:

  • Upload, view, edit, and save documents to SmartVault in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder
  • Create, rename, or delete files and folders quickly and easily
  • Build and use folder templates so you can easily and consistently create new folders for clients or employees
  • Drag and drop files between your local computer and SmartVault
  • Save documents from any Windows-based application directly to SmartVault

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