SmartVault Connected Desktop

Easily store, organize, search and retrieve client information

The SmartVault Connected Desktop delivers workflow efficiencies by putting all of your client information right at your fingertips, in a simple, easy to use interface, designed and optimized to handle your day-to-day document workflow with the speed and performance of a desktop app.

For customers currently using Lacerte or ProSeries DMS, think of this app as the “next generation” DMS – you get the familiar user interface of Lacerte/ProSeries DMS but in a more reliable, more stable and more scalable platform. And because the app has a similar interface as DMS, your staff will transition easily and with very little training.

With the SmartVault Connected Desktop you can:

  • Search, sort and find files quickly – by client name or ID
  • Scan and save source files directly into a client folder
  • Send clients a secure link to a document
  • Expand and collapse folders by tax year
  • Export and sync clients’ documents to a local or removable disk drive
  • Drag and drop files or entire folder structures directly to (or from) SmartVault
  • Open, annotate, edit and save files to SmartVault – just as you would to your desktop or network server
  • Easily view files you’ve just printed – right from the desktop

One Platform to Store and Securely Share Files

With SmartVault, you get a robust document management system that gives you the ability to quickly and intuitively capture and manage client information plus a fully integrated client portal to securely share files with clients – all in one platform.

The ability to give you one experience to store, access and securely share files is what differentiates SmartVault from any other competitor, where you often end up with two different systems (a document management system to store and manage your files, and an independent portal platform to share files). The result is a lot of extra steps – which cost you time and money.

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Connected Desktop
"The new Connected Desktop is far superior to DMS (and it has a great export feature that allows you to export ALL of your files to you local PC as a backup). I've been a DMS user for 8 years, and the SmartVault solution is a welcome enhancement." Edward J. Serra, CPA PLLC