Word from the Workshop

Word from the Workshop

Tips & Tricks from Santa’s Helpers

Miguel, one of the resident SmartVault elves, keeps busy year-round supporting our loyal SmartVault users and he’s seen it all! To help you get ready for busy season, we asked him to share three, sometimes surprising things, that bring the most joy to our customers:

#1 – Stop the Noise! Use Custom Groups to Manage Email Notifications

Email notifications can be a beautiful thing, or they can be your worst nightmare when they are constantly flooding your inbox. One tip, create a custom group to control who gets notified of client activity and how frequently they receive notifications – every 15 minutes, once an hour, twice a day, etc.

Real-world use of custom groups (straight from our customers):
Set up a Custom Group for Office Staff and set client notifications to this group only. Your staff can confirm when all client documents are collected, then notify the preparer that the return is ready for processing.

#2 – Create 2017 Engagements in Bulk

Before you start creating a 2017 folder for every client, stop. With just a few clicks, you can create the new 2017 folder templates for all your clients. Just one of the many efficiency gains you’ll get from the SmartVault elves. Now that’s some candy cane flavored awesome-sauce!

#3 – Keep Your Clients from Editing a Doc You Share

You want to share a file with your client, but you definitely don’t want them to be able to edit it. Use the print to SmartVault function (not the Save or Save as) when saving your Word or Excel doc to SmartVault. This will automatically convert the document to a PDF when it saves to SmartVault.


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