Which Holiday Character Are You?

RESULTS: Which classic holiday character are you?

You're Buddy the Elf!

Your Holiday Style is…

Buddy the Elf!

Buddy is everyone’s favorite part-Elf, part-Human, 100% lovable character in recent holiday history. You’ve got a huge heart, a child-like sense of wonder, endless enthusiasm, and boundless passion for all-things holiday. The only thing more important to you than the holidays is cultivating happy relationships with loved ones. Oh, and sugar… lots, and lots of sugar.

Your holiday style is based on the idea that more is MORE… you can’t get enough of everything that the holiday season has to offer. The sights, the smells, the songs, the gifts, the snow… you appreciate the magic in all of it. Cheers to folks like you, who make the holidays magical for everyone around you!

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RESULTS: Which classic holiday character are you?

Which Holiday Character Are You?