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We’ve spent a lot of time talking about our favorite things this season, and now it’s your turn! We’d love to know what your favorite thing is about SmartVault. You can take our survey to let us know, and we’d love to share your #favoritethings. Share Your Story >>

In the meantime, here’s what some of our favorite accounting pro customers had to say:

Dan Kantor

Daniel Kantor

Title CPA


My favorite thing about Smartvault is the overall simplicity of it. It's so easy to use! It provides for better workflow and process with our staff and our clients, and allows us additional time to better service our clients.

Karen Dellaripa

Karen Dellaripa

Title Founder, CPA


SmartVault is the centerpiece of our paperless document management strategy. As a virtual, paperless company, SmartVault empowers our entire team to have immediate access to all our client and company docs. I also sleep easier with the peace of mind of knowing that everything is safe and secure, and nothing can get lost if one of our PCs crash or are lost.

Nancy Gomez

Nancy Gomez

Title President/QB Guru


The value of getting rid of all that paper is gigantic! It has made my office and dealing with sending documents etc. so much easier and quicker. No shuffling through the filing basket that never gets emptied or finding stuff's just there. And did I mention great tech support?

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