2017 SmartVault Nice List

He's Making a List of Winners ... and Checking it Twice!

Santa is excited to spotlight a few boys and girls (okay, accounting pros) who have been extra good this year, and deserve to be recognized for their contribution to their firm, their clients, and even the accounting profession as a whole. Check out the winners of the first-ever SmartVault “Nice List” awards, and learn more about what your peers are doing to make this holiday season bright.

Industry Influencer

Dawn W. Brolin

Title CPA, CFE


The Industry Influencer award goes to a SmartVault customer who is not only embracing technology to scale their own practice, but is using that knowledge to inform their peers, and fuel change across the industry. As the founder of Tax Genius, an online learning community for tax pros, she's spreading the word about how to use SmartVault and other technology to deliver better client service and improve the bottom-line for accounting firms and the clients they serve.

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Paperless Pioneer

Karen Dellaripa

Title Principal


The Paperless Pioneer award goes to a longtime believer in the power of going paperless. A loyal customer since 2008, Karen set out on her paperless journey almost a decade ago, and realized immediate efficiency gains in being able to send and receive scanned documents from clients instead of paying for postage. She's been steadily ditching the paper since she began, and is a role-model for anyone who is still maintaining costly file cabinets!

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Technology Trailblazer

Marsha Gibb

Title Onboarding Manager


The Technology Trailblazer award goes to the SmartVault customer who demonstrates a clear vision for using technology and the cloud to automate and scale their firm into the future. Marsha is an early adopter of technology (Growthforce was one of SmartVault's first outsourced accounting firms) and has a strong track record of using technology to improve workflow, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

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Virtual Visionary

Nancy Gomez

Title Entrepreneur


The Virtual Visionary award goes to one of our longest-time customers who embraced a virtual workflow in the cloud at a time when other accounting pros were questioning it. Nancy started using SmartVault back in 2008 as a SmartVault beta tester, and her feedback has helped to shape the SmartVault roadmap. As an early adopter, she was one of the first to envision a totally virtual workflow, and was ahead of her time when it came to working in the cloud.


Dan Kantor

Title CPA


The 2017 Firm-to-Watch award goes to the principal of a firm that is leading the pack when it comes to embracing technology and working virtually. We selected Dan for this award in part because of his enthusiasm for finding creative ways to work in the cloud. Dan once told one of our Customer Success Managers that he "wakes up in the middle of the night envisioning new ways to use SmartVault". We have a hunch that this type of passion and ingenuity is going to be a major differentiator for Dan and his firm, and we're excited to watch his business grow!

Awesome Advocate

Debra Kilsheimer

Title Partner


The SmartVault Awesome Advocate award goes to the SmartVault fan that is loud and proud, and always quick to offer tips and tricks for using SmartVault to her peers. Debra has been a faithful SmartVault user since 2010 and is your go-to gal if you have questions about using SmartVault in your practice!

Rising Star

Joan Leanos

Title CPA


The Rising Star award goes to a new SmartVault customer (within the last year) who is charting a new path to growth and success with SmartVault. Joan was frustrated at her previous firm for their reluctance to adopt new technologies -- so she decided to start her own practice, and embrace the cloud!

Small Business Hero

Donna Olah-Reiken

Title Small Business Consultant


The Small Business Hero award goes to a SmartVault customer who is a champion for small businesses, helping them adopt new technology, become more efficient, and grow and prosper as a result. Donna is a true advocate for her small business clients, and we are proud to be a part of the great service that she delivers to her clients!

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Growthhacking Guru

Christa Skoupy

Title CPA


The Growthhacking Guru award goes to the SmartVault customer who has leveraged SmartVault as part of a growth strategy to scale her practice for rapid growth. Christa's firm is growing at a rate of 17% per year, which she in part attributes to streamlining processes and automating tasks with SmartVault.

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