Go Fetch with Hubdoc + SmartVault

Go Fetch! Meet Hubdoc + SmartVault

Super-charge your workflow with automated document collection

Picture a world where your client source documents are automatically collected, the data extracted and used to create transactions in your accounting system, then securely stored in SmartVault. No more nagging your clients to send through that credit card or bank statement so you can finally do your work…could Santa BRING a better gift this year??

Hubdoc is a must-have gift this year for anyone interested in automating bookkeeping workflow and eliminating manual data entry tasks. They are a great partner and a SmartVault fave, because with HubDoc you can:

Integrate Hubdoc with SmartVault and free up time for high value projects, and to be the trusted advisor your clients need!

See how it works! We demo the SmartVault + Hubdoc integration in this recorded webinar.

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