Canon One-Click Scan

One-Click Scan to Cloud

Go paperless with SmartVault + Canon

🎶 On the first day of Christmas, my SmartVault gave to me… 🎶

The ability to go paperless with one-click scan to cloud integration with Canon scanners

OK. Maybe we are a little off tune, but if you are one of those businesses (and you know who you are) that is still dealing with a mountain of paper, give yourself the gift that keeps on giving…the gift of a paperless office and…

  • Reduced costs. Storing and archiving all of that paper is expensive (not to mention that closet full of filing cabinets you dread opening).
  • Increased efficiency. Configure your Canon scanner to scan directly to any SmartVault folder – we’ll also auto-name the document for you! Imagine your office elves converting client source docs to digital with speed and efficiency – so they’re ready for processing when you are.
  • Anytime access to your docs. Face it, today’s ‘work anywhere’ culture means having your documents available any time and from anywhere.

Getting to a paperless office really is the first step to a truly efficient, automated workflow.

Congrats to this year’s winner of a Canon scanner — Travis Kunz! 

Everyone wins with Canon's special discount just for accountants!

Shop for your next scanner here and use promo code CANONACCTG17 when you check out for 10% off!


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