The SmartVault Team Looks 10 Years Ahead

We’ve had a lot of fun reminiscing about the last 10 years of SmartVault over the past few weeks. All of that nostalgia got us thinking about what the world will be like 10 years from now. Here are our predictions for the year 2028!

  1. The moon will be the #1 vacation destination with commercial flights operating daily and several 5-star resorts pampering us earthlings.
  2. All new homes will include a central intelligence system that controls everything from electronics, heating & air, and lighting to ordering groceries for the household.
  3. Scientists figure out how to control the weather and will use this to convert the Sahara Desert into fertile farmland.
  4. 3D organ printers will print functional and compatible organs, drastically reducing the transplant waiting list.
  5. Colorblind contact lenses will revolutionize the way millions of people view the world every day.
  6. Self-driving cars will out-number cars with human drivers.
  7. All meat will be genetically engineered in labs removing the need for farms to raise animals.
  8. You can’t skip ads on TV and social media – the screen knows when you look away and will wait to play the ad when it has your full attention.
  9. The entire world will be using one, central crypto-currency.
  10. Implantable medical devices will monitor your vitals and alert you when you’re sick – before you even feel it!
  11. Contact lenses will have the ability to take pictures so you never miss the perfect memory.
  12. Wearable tech is out, subdermal tech is in! Chips will be embedded in wrists for keyless entry, payments, networking, etc.
  13. You’ll be able to download skills to your brain from the internet instead of learning them “the old-fashioned way” by reading and practice.
  14. The first underwater neighborhoods have been built as countries find alternative housing options for growing populations.
  15. You can project your thoughts and mental images onto a projection screen to communicate your ideas.