Top 10 Benefits of Including eSignature in Your Workflow

In 2018, convenience is king for most people. We can access all sorts of data right from our phones that never leave our side, and we don’t like waiting around. So, in this digital age, why make your clients print 😱 something to sign it? Modernization and mobility are pushing eSignature adoption. In 2008, mobile support was not adding much (if anything) to the customer experience. But by 2020, many processes will start from a mobile device, so now is the time to start baking eSignature into your processes to greatly enhance your client experience. Here are 10 benefits of including eSignature in your workflow. Today.

    1. Enhanced security. You can be confident that your documents will make it to the right people with security controls including automatic independent verification. Also known as Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA), this independent verification step is required for certain IRS forms such as the 8878 and 8879 and keeps your clients’ documents secure.
    2. Easy to use across industries and countries. No matter who your clients are, or where they are located, users are accustomed to the eSignature experience, and prefer the convenience of signing a document right from their phone or tablet.
    3. Workflow tracking. Easily track who has opened, signed, or approved a document, and who is holding you up. You’ll have a complete paper trail of who viewed the document and when, without the actual paper!
    4. Convenience for you. Collect signatures and approvals on multiple documents at one time without printing a single page of paper.
    5. Way better experience for your clients. Clients can sign quickly from anywhere, on any device! In a time where clients want real-time access to documents, connecting your eSignature solution to your client portal software is a must.
    6. Get paid faster. Ask for signature and payment details on the same document to securely collect all the information you need to get your clients up and running—including the payment to you!
    7. Centralized document storage. When you pair eSignature with SmartVault, you’ll benefit from having a central document repository. Gone are the days of searching file cabinets, piles on your desk, or even different systems on your computer to find a document.
    8. Paperless workflow. When you integrate your eSignature solution with other tools you already use, like SmartVault, there’s no need for printing, scanning, or meeting in person. The signed document is initiated and returned to the same location in SmartVault – and you get notified when all parties sign.
    9. Increase collaboration. Collect approvals and signatures from multiple parties in whatever order you choose to increase collaboration and keep projects moving.
    10. Save money! All of these benefits add up to big cost savings for your business, from reducing paper and printing costs, to reducing the amount of time it takes to sign and collect payment from new clients.

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