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How flexible are you as a Company?

What’s Your Firm Flexibility Score? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

Research shows that giving your employees flexibility in when, where and how they work is a highly valued benefit. Yet there are other elements to having a truly flexible firm that are just as important when it comes to retaining top talent. This quiz will help you identify additional areas of flexibility that you can integrate into your culture to increase your firm’s productivity and efficiency while also reducing your recruiting costs and staff turnover.

For each question below answer yes or no, and then tally up your responses to calculate your Firm Flexibility Score:

  1. Does your mission statement include work-life balance language? Y/N
  2. Do you have a written, formal company policy on telecommuting that has been communicated to staff? Y/N
  3. Do you have at least one employee who works remotely 100 percent of the time? Y/N
  4. Do you offer at least one of these specific benefits focused on work-life balance? Y/N
      • -Technology that enables employees to do all of their work remotely.
      • -The ability to take time away from the office or their work station to attend to family obligations without having to use vacation time?
      • -A time-shifting policy that allows employees to work fewer days each week or to work an alternative schedule of hours?
  5. Is the performance of your employees measured solely on specific outcomes or is being present at the office also part of their performance evaluation? Y/N
  6. Do you let employees structure their own day-to-day schedule based on their job function? Y/N
  7. Do you know what most of your employees’ interests are beyond work? Y/N
  8. Do you allow employees to adapt the structure of their goals and tasks to their work style? Y/N
  9. Do you offer “Paid Time Off” that can be taken for any reason rather than separate vacation and sick time allowances? Y/N
  10. Do you have comfortable spaces on-site for employees to take breaks, exercise and relax? Y/N
  11. Do you have the capability to host an all-team meeting virtually? Y/N
  12. Do you regularly take time off and flex your schedule for non-work-related obligations? Y/N

What  is Your Firm Flexibility Score?
To calculate your Firm Flexibility Score, add up the number of questions to which you answered “Yes” (one point per affirmative answer) then see how you can further your firm’s flexibility using some of the suggestions below:

If your firm scored 3 or fewer points:
Your firm is trying but could use some additional help on the flexibility front. Times are changing—many employees consider flextime and remote working capabilities standard now. Be sure that you are keeping up with what kind of flexibility your firm and your employees need to avoid turnover and productivity issues in the future. One example of a company that is helping employees be flexible both physically and workwise is Wegman’s. The grocery chain has a wellness program including customized yoga programs and employee fitness discounts.

If your firm scored 4 to 7 points:
Your answers indicate that your firm is fairly flexible, so keep up the good work, but make sure that as a company your flexibility goes beyond work-related tasks, to benefits that help employees to explore their career and personal potential. One idea you might want to consider comes from pharmaceutical company Pfizer: the company offers online mentorship resources to all employees.

If your firm scored 8 to 11 points:
There’s no doubt that a flexible mindset has begun to take hold at your firm, now think what you could do in 2020 to realize even more efficiency and employee engagement. Consider taking a page from Intuit’s work-life balance book—the tech company encourages all employees to spend 10 percent of working hours pursuing an idea they are passionate about.

If your firm scored a perfect 12:
Congratulations! Your firm is right up there on the flexibility scale with Google, Upwork and Salesforce—all of which are known for some of the most progressive flextime and remote working perks. Your staff must love working at your firm, but be sure to keep them engaged in other ways such as providing new opportunities for advancement and


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