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Employee Recognition: What does Your Program Look Like for 2020?

Out with the Old! It’s Time for a Fresh Take on Employee Recognition


It’s easy to get stuck in an employee recognition rut using the same old tactics that don’t resonate with your team—or deliver higher levels of employee satisfaction, morale and  retention. Now that the new year is here, it’s time to break with the “old school” approach and implement these “new school” ideas to recharge your employee recognition program for 2020 and beyond.

Old SchoolNew School
A mention of employment milestones at the annual company party by managementA video message from your CEO or the employee’s direct manager to recognize employee work anniversaries
Recognize accomplishments only in a performance reviewRecognize accomplishments in real-time via a social media shout-out
Offer an employee of the month parking spaceGive employees’ vehicles a professional car detailing while they’re at work (or working from home)
Bring in donuts on Friday morning Let employees take a Friday or two off to celebrate their good work
Wait until a staff meeting to try to remember accomplishmentsHang up a magnetic board with markers, stickers and sticky notes so everyone can post real-time recognition
Give a gift card promoting another business Reward employees with company cash (in the form of play money) they can trade in for company swag or other prizes
Have an employee potluck each month without management presenceRecognize top performers with a lunch or dinner with your firm’s partners
No recognition given on the spot—that’s part of the job description Recognize employees who keep their cool during stressful times with frozen treats
Create a rewards program based on what you and your management team like Have your employees suggest new recognition activities and rewards
Give a plaque or award that sits on a desk Give high-performers a budget to upgrade or redecorate their office

These are just a few ways you can take your employee recognition program from “old school” to “new school” in 2020. Consider polling your team to find out which ideas they value most, then put their favorites into action to keep employee engagement high throughout busy season.

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