Harvey – You Are Not Going to Beat This SmartVault Team

To our SmartVault Friends,

Thanks to all of you that have reached out to me and to many of our team members asking if we are OK.  The short answer is that as of today, our Houston-based employees are all safe. But Harvey is continuing its relentless hold on our city. And many of our employees have had extreme flooding and damage to their homes. So while they are safe, this is likely the single most traumatic experience any of them have experienced in their lives. And if they haven’t been directly affected, they have friends and family who have been. The emotional burden for some is overwhelming.   

This storm has enveloped Houston like nothing I’ve seen in the 17 years I’ve been back here. The news coverage keeps using the word epicEpic storms, epic flooding, an epic level of human struggle. That is a heavy word, it has a terrible weight to it, but it’s the right word. Anyone in Houston the last 48 hours would agree. Hurricane Harvey and the resulting flooding that has ensued, know no prejudice. He has made his home in every corner of Houston, in every zip code, and continues to hold on. But the acts of kindness, the heroic acts of kindness, that have transpired over the last two days also know no prejudice. It is just purely people who can, helping people in need. It touches your soul and gives you hope in what can otherwise be a very hopeless situation.

It’s mid-day Monday. The storm is still dumping rain where the water has nowhere to go, and that will continue for the next few days. We have a Slack channel so that our team can check in and let everyone know where they are, and if they are safe. Many of us are very fortunate to be dry, and in a home with power and an internet connection. But until the storm let’s go, we are limited in the support we can give our neighbors, our community. So, we continue to work in service to our customers — we are answering the phone, we are working in the chat queue — a welcome distraction inside, while the war still rages outside our windows.

We will get to a point where the rain will stop, and the real work will begin in our community. And this scrappy, Houston-proud SmartVault team will get busy — along with millions of Houstonians — and we will dry out, we will rise up, and we will rebuild.

Remember, we’re chasing a pennant this year with the Astros. And we’ve got JJ Watt.

Thank you for your well wishes, your continued support, and for your patience the next several days, while our employees and their families recover from Harvey-the-Epic.


Dania_BuchananDania Buchanan

SVP Marketing, SmartVault