SmartVault Launches e-Signature Solution for Professionals

HOUSTON, TX – December 21, 2016 – SmartVault, a leading provider of online document management and secure client portal solutions today announced the launch of its secure, easy-to-use e-signature solution for professionals.

SmartVault’s e-signature solution is powered by RightSignature and gives SmartVault customers a convenient and efficient way to request signatures on documents directly from the SmartVault Connected Desktop and SmartVault Portal.

Using SmartVault’s e-signature solution, customers can simply right click a document and send it out securely to be e-signed. Documents sent using SmartVault’s e-signature solution are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption, and all signatures are legally binding. Once the document is signed by all parties, SmartVault customers receive notification and the document is returned directly to SmartVault from RightSignature for permanent storage and retention.

SmartVault’s e-signature solution enables e-signing to be completed from mobile devices and can be used for all documents, including IRS forms 8878 and 8879, which require Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) for compliance. In addition, SmartVault’s e-signature solution allows customers to capture credit cards and securely process payments directly on documents.

“Our new e-signature solution is a comprehensive tool that streamlines the entire process of document signing for accounting and other business professionals,” said Eric Pulaski, SmartVault founder and CEO. “By dramatically reducing the amount of time needed to get signatures from days to mere hours and simplifying the steps of requesting, collecting, and storing signatures on business documents, SmartVault delivers significant productivity gains via advanced workflow efficiency. Customers also experience the peace of mind that comes with using a secure, proven paperless workflow for all document signing needs.”

Detailed information about SmartVault’s e-signature solution is available at