How Online Document Storage Saved My Summer Vacation

Online Document Storage

My daughter, in Germany, thanks to the cloud

As the lead trainer and “accounting guru” for SmartVault, I spend a lot of time extolling the benefits of online document storage, secure file sharing, and client portal technology. Even so, in the real world I know that practicing what you preach isn’t always easy. But last summer I had a mega epiphany while traveling to Europe, and got to see for myself just how big of a game changer the cloud can be when it comes to making your documents available anytime and anywhere.

When I purchased plane tickets to Germany for a family vacation last year, I made a minor mistake that I now realize had potentially huge consequences. You see, my daughter actually goes by her middle name instead of her first name, and when I bought the tickets I used the middle name as her first name, which is not her legal name as it appears on her passport. This all came to light when we changed planes, and the ticket agent told us that we would have to buy another $2,000 ticket using her legal name, before she could board the flight. Obviously, that didn’t go down easy, and an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer was even summoned to investigate.

We were all sweating bullets at this point, until I realized that I had copies of all of Liana’s identifying documents stored in SmartVault. Practically shaking, I quickly pulled up the SmartVault mobile app on my Android smartphone, and presented electronic copies of Liana’s birth certificate and social security cards to the officer, who nodded and advised the ticket agent that she was cleared for the flight. We couldn’t believe it – a mobile app had just saved us $2,000, and our much-needed vacation went off without a hitch.

As an employee of SmartVault, I’m obviously biased – but I can honestly say that in this case, online document storage truly saved my bacon!