Integration Matters: Why SmartVault is the ONLY Integrated ProSeries and Lacerte DMS Replacement

Since the announcement last month that Intuit® partnered with SmartVault as the endorsed ProSeries® DMS and Lacerte® DMS replacement, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about what it means to “integrate” with Lacerte and ProSeries, and how SmartVault compares to other document management solutions out there. So here’s a little more about why integration is the key to automating the tax prep workflow and why SmartVault is the only ProSeries and Lacerte DMS replacement that’s actually integrated with the tax application.

How SmartVault Integrates with Lacerte and ProSeries

Lacerte DMS Replacement

              SmartVault inside Lacerte

There’s a lot more to SmartVault’s integration with Lacerte and ProSeries than the simple ability to print returns directly to client folders – though we do that too, of course. But the thing that really sets SmartVault apart, is the turnkey setup and implementation that comes from being tightly integrated with Lacerte and ProSeries. With SmartVault, you can import your client data right from Lacerte or ProSeries. Client folders are automatically created for you based on customizable templates, and security permissions are set on a folder by folder basis, which really makes it easy and efficient to set up your SmartVault account.

Now, when you’re ready to print a return to SmartVault, you can do so right from the print dialogue box in Lacerte or ProSeries, and it’s automatically routed to the corresponding client folder – so you can literally print and securely store the tax return in one-click, with no manual steps involved.

Even better, if you’re switching to SmartVault as a replacement for Lacerte DMS or ProSeries DMS, we have a free migration tool that will import your DMS data into SmartVault in one simple step. So with SmartVault, the transition from Lacerte DMS or ProSeries DMS is seamless and as painless as possible.

Comparison Guide: SmartVault as a ProSeries and Lacerte DMS Replacement 

Built-In Client Portals Integrate with Lacerte and ProSeries

In addition to the integrated document management functionality, Lacerte and ProSeries customers will get a built-in, custom-branded client portal to securely share source files and tax returns with their clients.

Intuit surveyed its customers over the years, and there was high demand among tax accountants for a client portal that integrates with ProSeries and Lacerte. Intuit had this in mind when it selected SmartVault as the ProSeries and Lacerte DMS replacement, because SmartVault provides both an online document storage and secure file sharing system rolled into a single, tightly integrated solution. This means that when you print a tax return from Lacerte or ProSeries directly to SmartVault, you can set up email alerts so that your clients are automatically notified when returns are available for download. The SmartVault client portal is also a great way to exchange other sensitive documents with clients, including K-1s, W-2s, engagement letters, and more. With SmartVault’s client portal, you can:

  • Have your clients upload their source files (K-1’s, W-2’s) securely, right to the portal (or have your office staff scan source files directly into SmartVault)
  • Share the completed tax return with your client in a secure, compliant manner
  • Provide ‘always on’ access to your clients’ tax returns (they don’t need to call you every time they need a copy)

How SmartVault Stacks Up to Other DMS Offerings

When Lacerte and ProSeries customers ask me how SmartVault compares to the “competition”, the first thing that I have to remind them of is that SmartVault truly is the only solution that integrates with Lacerte and ProSeries. No other solution recognizes client data in Lacerte or ProSeries, so it’s not possible to automatically print returns to corresponding client folders with any other solution.

While other vendors might claim that they “integrate” with Lacerte and ProSeries, what they are really saying is that you can print and save a return to their app, by clicking the print button, and then manually browsing to find the right client folder and saving it there. That equates to a lot of inefficiencies in time spent on manual process, and sizeable potential for human error. With SmartVault, all of this happens in a single click, and the document is automatically routed to the right folder, without any manual steps in between.

So in that sense, there really is no “competition” to speak of – only SmartVault can deliver on the promise of a truly integrated ProSeries or Lacerte DMS replacement.

See SmartVault in Action

I’m a paid employee of SmartVault, so don’t take my word for it. Here are some options for learning more about SmartVault’s integration with Lacerte and ProSeries:

  • Start a free trial of SmartVault for Intuit Lacerte or SmartVault for Intuit ProSeries, and see for yourself what it can do. There’s no risk, no obligation, and no credit card required. Start Free Trial »
  • Join our weekly demo series, Get to Know SmartVault for Lacerte and ProSeries – you’ll see a live demo of SmartVault in action, and participate in a live Q&A session with our CEO. Watch a Demo »
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