Give a Warm Welcome to Our Newest Customer Care Heroes!

We’re ecstatic to welcome Cheri, John, Joshua and Narinder to the SmartVault team! As we speak, they are in our top secret lab learning everything there is to know about SmartVault. Their mission? To provide you with the best support and customer service superhumanly possible. So the next time you call, chat, or email us, rest assured your friendly neighborhood Customer Care member will be standing by with an answer!



Education: University of Houston,

Graduate of the Champions School of Real Estate

Superpower: super multi-tasking

Theme song: “Letting the Cables Sleep” Bush

When the cape hangs up at the end of the day, I enjoy:

Singing, songwriting, and dancing




MLLmBdJAj4ZW6ynfdvog3oMU-Z-I4bI2e-HC_sy6fmE,a5oRrzIivERuN50rwsiQq6AUuIMbHWlUITuWDusrTCwEducation: Music Education (Voice)

 Abilene Christian University

Superpower: Sales, and he can walk on his hands!

Theme song: “Celebration” Kool & The Gang

When the cape hangs up at the end of the day, I enjoy: 

Hanging out with my amazing wife, singing, having

fun with my four kiddos, jogging, reading, and just being goofy.

JOSHUA                                                                                            hwBME79_XFtIQrhLg5YZWeRs9W16aXFObXCZpG3sIZs,Vc7qkodC97yAbK-3dSxzQO2TCD7GP11Nq1c877-3hK8

Education: University of Houston,

MIS and Marketing degree

Superpower: Modesty, because when asked this

question his response was none

Theme song: “I Believe I Can Fly” R. Kelly

When the cape hangs up at the end of the day, I enjoy:

Anything related to sports, particularly basketball, football, golf and soccer



Education: University of Houston,

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Technology

Superpower: IT, Customer Service, Project Management

Theme song: “Notorious B.I.G.” Big Poppa

When the cape hangs up at the end of the day, I enjoy:

Basketball, gaming, and movies