March 2014

Think Before You Sync

Five Key Strategies for Maintaining Centralized Control of Your Files Syncing files from a local computer or device to the cloud is a common business practice in today’s mobile-driven world—as common as the Internet, specialty coffee, the App Store, and all the other day-to-day “Can’t-Live-Withouts.” But is sync really the most prudent way to manage …


Breaking Up (with Bad Habits) is Hard to Do

What Dental Floss, Yoga, and Secure File Sharing all Have in Common Last night I stumbled across one of my favorite quotes from the late, great standup comic Mitch Hedberg, in which he compares the pain of quitting smoking to the agony of trying to start flossing.


Guest Post: The Power of Integrated CRM

Key Benefits of Implementing CRM for QuickBooks While every company has different needs, an integrated CRM solution is the answer for most organizations that are looking for a convenient way to centralize operations across an organization. Integrated CRM goes beyond simple contact management and becomes a central information hub that saves time and money, increases …