UPDATED: SmartVault ‘View in Browser’ Feature Restored

UPDATE: July 12 @ 5:17 PM

SmartVault’s ‘View in Browser’ feature has been restored, and should be performing as expected. If you experience any issues going forward, please submit a support ticket by sending an email to support@smartvault.com. Thanks your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Due to some intermittent performance issues with the ‘View in Browser’ feature in the SmartVault client portal, we have temporarily changed the default settings so that files opened in the portal are automatically downloaded. All this means to you is that when you click on a file in the client portal, it will be downloaded to your desktop instead of opened in your browser window. For some customers this may impact your ability to search for files in the client portal. This problem is isolated to the SmartVault client portal – other features like the SmartVault Drive, Mobile Apps, Toolbar, etc., are not experiencing any impact to performance.

Our engineers are working diligently to correct this problem, and we’re eager to turn the ‘View in Browser’ feature back on. We’ll be posting updates to our Blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages, as soon as they’re available. Thanks for your patience and support… stay tuned!