SmartVault Announces Integration with DIGIBookx

Partnership between two leading cloud service providers delivers on the promise of bookkeeping without a keystroke – the Holy Grail for client accounting services

HOUSTON, TX – June 24, 2013 – SmartVault, a leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) online document storage and secure file sharing solutions, today announced an integration with DIGIBookx, a powerful cloud-based automated accounting solution that uses the latest extraction technology to quickly and accurately capture financial data from any type of file (receipts, invoices, bills, statements, etc.) and upload to an accounting package. The combination of these services supports a true paperless workflow and a completely automated accounting and bookkeeping process. DIGIBookx, created by DIGIEON, a recognized leader in innovative document imaging software, uses a sophisticated learning engine to allow accurate, verification and validation of financial information. The extracted data is then used to populate QuickBooks entries, and the related source documents are automatically attached to the specific transaction in QuickBooks and available via the integrated SmartVault Toolbar. The accounting system is significantly strengthened as the system of record for all financial data as well as all related source files.

“Accounting professionals are always looking for ways to increase efficiency by automating processes, and the bookkeeping process is a big one. It’s how progressive, profitable firms operate,” stated Darren Root, CPA, CITP, CMGA, and CEO of RootWorks LLC. “The integration between SmartVault and DIGIBookx supports a completely digital, accurate and intelligent data automation process, which allows firms that focus on client accounting services to streamline their workflow and ultimately service more clients in less time. This is another example of the value of cloud-based services and the efficiencies they create inside a firm.”

Bookkeeping and other write-up activities can utilize a huge number of man-hours to handle the data entry associated with these services. DIGIBookx as a service allows the client to completely automate their time consuming, manual tasks—allowing them to reduce the expense of servicing their existing clients, while also having the opportunity to expand their client base and generate higher revenues and profits. DIGIBookx performs the work of data extraction. Its unique intelligent learning system accurately populates the accounting system and seamlessly uploads the documents to SmartVault. With DIGIBookx, accounting professionals benefit from sophisticated features in an easy to use service, including:

  • Automated accounting process to eliminate data entry
  • Innovative patented technology for data extraction
  • Automated export into QuickBooks and SmartVault
  • Significant time and cost savings by eliminating manual transactions
  • Intelligent process to provide accurate data
  • Software tools for update, review and audit

“What an amazing product and service! DIGIBookx has reduced my turnaround time and cost for data entry to QuickBooks by 65%. The DIGIBookx team is responsive, professional, and a delight to work with,” stated Elissa Greeley, Intuit Certified Advanced ProAdvisor, ADOS Consulting, LLC.

“The excitement was palpable when our team first witnessed the technology. DIGIBookx is the answer to a completely ‘keystrokeless’ client accounting services process,” said SmartVault founder and CEO, Eric Pulaski. “I strongly believe that to compete in the next five years, accounting automation tools like DIGIBookx are a must have for firms of all sizes. This kind of integration is really exciting because it can offer immediate value to firms and a huge return on investment by eliminating manual tasks—which reduces cost and streamlines efficiencies to handle more profitable growth.”

“SmartVault’s patented integration with QuickBooks was the missing link for our DIGIBookx service,” said Mike Holoubek, Cofounder of DIGIEON. “The integration of the DIGIBookx Service with SmartVault is the complete automated solution for the accounting industry”.

DIGIBookx offers a free demo version for 30 days, and SmartVault also offers a free 30-day trial. Visit to learn more. Customers can add one or multiple accounts to the DIGIBookx service. Pricing starts at $19.95 per month with a $100 setup cost per account and a per transaction fee. SmartVault offers a special plan specifically for accountants with unlimited clients, storage and QuickBooks company files for $35 per user per month. Information about SmartVault for Accountants can be found at Integration of the two services is free and is initiated once DIGIBookx is installed.


DIGIEON is an industry leader with extensive experience in document imaging software. The company’s data extraction, data validation and image enhancement tools are used to provide automation for various industries.
DIGIBookx, developed by DIGIEON, offers the premier accounting automation solution that uses patented extraction technology to quickly and accurately capture financial data and upload to an accounting package. The service aims to eliminate all problematic factors during QuickBooks data entry by offering an economical, simple and secure solution for managing all financial transactions while accurately extracting data trapped on paper. Learn more at