SmartVault Fans Rule. You Should Meet Them…

The thing about storing your documents in the cloud is that it’s kind of scary, and there’s a lot of trust involved. We know that when you entrust us with your most sensitive business information in SmartVault (or any app), you’re putting a lot of faith in us… and we recognize that your faith is the fuel that drives us to keep on SmartVault-ing.

So today I want to highlight some of the amazing folks who have helped make the SmartVault dream a reality. Here are just a few of the cool kids we want to thank… for putting their trust in us, and for helping us to deliver on our promise of being the best online document storage and secure file sharing app in the industry.

Bonnie Nagayama CPA - McWilliams & Associates

We first met Bonnie back in 2008 at the California Accounting & Business Conference, and have been looking to her for advice and feedback in navigating the world of QuickBooks ever since. She helped to drive our integration with XpandedReports a few years ago, and is working hard right now to put together an Intuit AppCenter webinar that we'll participate in next month. Bonnie's attention to detail, her deep knowledge of QuickBooks, and her influence in the QuickBooks ProAdvisor community is wicked awesome, and we love her almost as much as she loves QuickBooks. Read Bonnie's Story >> 

Jason Blumer, CPA - Blumer & Associates

Think bean counting is boring? Then you haven't met this man. Whether he's podcasting with Thriveal CPAs, counting beans with Blumer & Associates, or twerking at the VMAs, Jason is a ray of sunshine in the accounting profession, and his thick South Carolina accent always puts a smile on my face. He's always good for a laugh, but he's also seriously awesome at this whole accounting thing, and we're thrilled to be a part of how he does it. Read Jason's Story >> 

Dawn Brolin CPA - Powerful Accounting

Dawn reminds us of the Energizer Bunny... we're pretty sure she hasn't slept since 1993, and she definitely hasn't stopped spreading the SmartVault love since she started using us a few years ago. She's always on the go, and that's great for us... because SmartVault goes everywhere with her. Here's hoping she never runs out of batteries because her advocacy is like gold in this industry, and we'd really miss hearing her voice every month on RadioFree QuickBooks. Watch Dawn's Video >>

I could make a full-time job out of talking about how awesome our customers are, and maybe one day I will… but for now, I’m reluctantly leaving off hundreds of amazing folks, simply in the interest of time… and I’m sure our readers have better things to do than hang out on our blog all day. But I’m pledging, here and now. to make this a monthly ritual… so stay tuned for many more “thank yous” to come! ‘Til then, check out our Customers page to meet more SmartVault fans, and learn more about their SmartVault success stories.