Moving Sucks. Fortunately, Online Document Storage Doesn’t.

How Online Document Storage Made my Move to a New Device Easier than I Thought…

My coworkers kick ass. Last December, when I graduated from my MBA program, they threw an amazingly adorable champagne and cupcake surprise party for me in our conference room, instead of what I thought was going to be a boring staff meeting. And if that wasn’t awesome enough, in an extraordinary display of kickassitude, they gave me one of the best gifts I’ve ever received (second only to my engagement ring and my first car)… this brand spanking new Macbook Pro!

Online Document Storage - My Champagne Cupcake Party

Literally the sweetest graduation party ever, y’all.

But, as a lifelong PC user, I’d had my reservations about making the switch to “the dark side” as I like to call it. I had questions like…

What about right-clicking? I really love to right-click. 

What if the Mac hates me because it knows that I really am a PC girl and that I’m not really even cool enough to own a Mac?

And the most daunting question of all... What about moving all my files over? That is going to suck. 

Well, I figured out a sweet trackpad trick for right-clicking, and it turns out my Mac thinks I’m pretty cool (even if I did meet my husband at a Return of the Jedi viewing party). But best of all, moving my files over to my new Mac wasn’t just easy, it was almost completely unnecessary, thanks to SmartVault. 

One of the perks of working here is that you get a free SmartVault account for online document storage – so all my personal documents as well as all my important work-related documents were already in the cloud. That meant that moving from PC to Mac was pretty inconsequential – I just mapped my SmartVault Drive to the new Mac, and kept on making the usual marketing magic. In fact, since I got this thing back in December, I never had to open my dusty old notebook PC until yesterday, when I needed to dig up an archived video file that was saved to my old desktop.

I’ve been sort of avoiding the PC for the last 3 months, because I felt like it was probably feeling pretty jealous and inadequate, and I try to avoid confrontation when possible. So when I had to find that old video file that I failed to upload to SmartVault (mistake!), I decided it was finally time to tell the PC the truth. Closure was the least I could offer after three happy years together.

So we said our goodbyes, and I finally copied over the last 400 MB vestiges of our relationship, through the SmartVault Inbox. (Here are some tips on uploading large data sets, in case you find yourself in the middle of an awkward break up.)

Now that we’ve gone our separate ways, I’ve really had the opportunity to experience a feature that we marketers talk about all the time – continuity. Online document storage means you don’t have to stop what you’re doing, or really do anything at all when you move from device to device, even if your original device is lost, stolen or damaged.

So I guess it turns out that moving to a new OS or machine doesn’t suck that much after all.  If only there were some way to SmartVault the contents of my house, the next time I move across town…