Measuring the Success of Client Portals

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Eric Pulaski, CEO of SmartVault
for Accounting Today

You’re Only as Good as Your Implementation…

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These days you’re not likely to pick up an accounting publication or surf the blogosphere without coming across an article on portals, or more specifically, client portals for secure file sharing.

Client portals are a mainstay in the accounting profession and their value cannot be overstated. It’s a fact that portals offer the highest level of security for sharing documents and data. It’s also a fact that portals are at the center of a highly efficient firm system—supporting real-time collaboration and secure file sharing with clients and eclipsing the boundaries of time and distance in terms of service.

None of this is exactly big news. Most practitioners know why client portals are so valuable…because they’ve been written about ad nauseam. The profession also has boundless choices when searching for a client portal from providers. And while the benefits of portals are important to understand, what firm leaders really need to know is that they will never realize the full potential of client portals if they’re not implemented properly.

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