Five QuickBooks Add-On Apps Your Small Business Can’t Live Without

The Power of Connected QuickBooks Add-On Services

One of the biggest trends in business technology right now is the concept of “connected services”. By handpicking your own integrated suite of tools, you can leverage the power of total integration, so that everyone in your company has access to the files, reports, and data that they need, without adding complexity to your business processes.

Because we’re big QuickBooks fans here at SmartVault, we’re all about focusing on QuickBooks as the system of record for the small business, and finding integrated QuickBooks add-on solutions that solve your business needs, without creating fragmented silos of information. By integrating all your business tools with QuickBooks, you can turbocharge your interdepartmental workflow, and ensure that everyone has access to the tools and information they need, at all times.

Read on to learn more about the QuickBooks add-ons we recommend for working smarter with connected services: 

SmartVault for QuickBooks

SmartVault QuickBooks Add-OnObviously we can’t kick off any discussion of our favorite QuickBooks add-ons without mentioning our own integrated Toolbar for QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online. Our patented, award-winning plug-ins have changed the way that thousands of businesses approach online document storage, by putting QuickBooks at the center of the filing system.

With the SmartVault for QuickBooks add-on, you can go paperless and stay organized by attaching source documents directly to entries in QuickBooks, including: bills, invoices, customer and employee records, and more. Attaching and storing documents “inside” of QuickBooks means that you’re always audit-ready with financial data and all related source documents in one central location

You can also queue documents for later processing with the SmartVault Inbox, and attach notes to QuickBooks transactions that need special attention. To learn more, visit the SmartVault for QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online integration pages, or see SmartVault on the Intuit AppCenter.

QuickBooks Add-Ons That Integrate with SmartVault

But the SmartVault Toolbar isn’t the only QuickBooks add-on that our users are excited about – check out some of our integration partners, who have used the SmartVault SDK to add the SmartVault Toolbar to their apps:

Method CRM

Method QuickBooks Add-OnMethod CRM is a totally customizable QuickBooks add-on that delivers more than just the traditional lead tracking and customer interaction features you see in the average CRM solution – Method is all about helping you achieve company-wide automation. Best of all, Method integrates with both QuickBooks and SmartVault, so you can store a document once, and access it from inside Method CRM, QuickBooks, your SmartVault portal, mobile apps, and more. Learn More about Method CRM >>

Xpanded Reports QuickBooks Add-On


If you’ve ever felt restricted by the out-of-the-box reporting functionality in QuickBooks, you should check out XpandedReports, a QuickBooks add-on that starts where QuickBooks reporting stops. Plus, XpandedReports recently added functionality that allows you to save reports directly from XpandedReports into SmartVault – so you can easily and securely publish and share advanced reports with users inside and outside of your business. Learn more about XpandedReports >>


SpringAhead QuickBooks Add-OnStill using spreadsheets to track your employees’ time and expenses? It’s time to take a look at SpringAhead, an online time, billing, and expense tracking solution that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks. Prepare to be ‘wow’ed by the three-way integration between SpringAhead, QuickBooks, and SmartVault – you can enter all your expense data in SpringAhead, attach your scanned receipts, and export all the data (including that scanned receipt) to QuickBooks via the SmartVault Toolbar. It doesn’t get any easier than that, folks! Learn more about SpringAhead >>

Results CRM

Results CRM - QuickBooks Add-OnAnd last but not least on our list, Results CRM is a QuickBooks-integrated business suite that helps you manage your contact and relationship data, marketing campaigns, sales quotes and opportunities, expense tracking, and reporting, all in one easy-to-use QuickBooks add-on solution. And with multi-directional integration between Results CRM, QuickBooks, SmartVault, Constant Contact, and more, Results is bringing new meaning to “connected services”. Learn more about Results CRM >>

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