SmartVault Announces Integration with Shoeboxed

SmartVault and Shoeboxed partner to deliver on the promise of zero data entry

HOUSTON, TX – June 4, 2012 – SmartVault, a leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) document storage and sharing solutions, today announced an integration with Shoeboxed, developers of the accounting profession’s premier solution for converting paper documents into structured online data. The integration of these two services delivers on the core benefit of zero data entry—supporting a paperless, highly efficient firm workflow and driving firms higher up the value pricing food chain.

Shoeboxed provides a paperless on-ramp for firms, offering a fast and simple scanning and data extraction service. In one step, firms can scan and upload documents to a secure Cloud-based folder in SmartVault and have those documents automatically exported to QuickBooks as transactions. Not only will the transactions appear in the user’s QuickBooks data file, but the documents will be attached to those transactions as well. As users browse transactions in QuickBooks, they can view any document attached to the transaction using the SmartVault Toolbar plug-in for QuickBooks. Together, SmartVault and Shoeboxed offer an all-in-one data extraction and online document management solution integrated seamlessly with QuickBooks that delivers on the value of zero data entry.

“Integration of apps and services in the Cloud is the way the accounting profession continues to move, but we know that our customers don’t want to or have the time to figure it all out on their own. This is why we are dedicated to doing it for them— always looking for new and powerful apps that can work together to help firms operate more efficiently, saving time and money. Our partnership with Shoeboxed further demonstrates our commitment to this effort,” stated SmartVault founder and CEO, Eric Pulaski.

Integration between SmartVault and Shoeboxed offers immense value to firms, including:

  • A Central Repository for QuickBooks Data and all Related Source Documents—which also supports role-based, secure document access; a clear audit trail; and secure anytime-anywhere access to documents.
  • Enables a True Zero Data Entry Process—SmartVault offers a simplified on-ramp to a paperless process, now with zero data entry for all receipts. Documents are simply scanned or copied into a SmartVault folder and then Shoeboxed automatically processes them, converting the documents into transactions in QuickBooks.
  • Offers Accurate, Verified Data—Shoeboxed’s advanced OCR technology and proven human verification process ensure that data is accurate.
  • Supports a Variety of Other Powerful Features—including rules-based transaction coding, the ability to verify before exporting, and auto attach of source documents to QuickBooks records via the SmartVault Toolbar plug-in for QuickBooks.
  • Meets All Document Management and File Sharing Needs—SmartVault is not just for documents attached to QuickBooks transactions. SmartVault is used to store all documents and securely share them inside and outside an organization.

“Collaboration among these two smart systems is continuing to raise the bar for accounting products—it’s like they built a bookkeeper for me,” said Jason Blumer, Managing Shareholder, Blumer and Associates. “I file the receipt in SmartVault (my digital filing cabinet), then Shoeboxed picks it up, pulls it into my Shoeboxed account and pushes that document right into my accounting program. Shazaam! I didn’t have to do anything but snap a picture of the receipt with my iPhone. Sweet!”

SmartVault leverages the Intuit Anywhere platform, which offers the ability for applications to sync data with QuickBooks. Applications integrated with SmartVault, using their Software Developers Kit (SDK), can also sync the source document along with the data in QuickBooks, creating a central repository for all of the financial data and source documents.

The integrated solution is available to both SmartVault and Shoeboxed customers. Additional information can be found on the SmartVault Marketplace.

SmartVault customers can provision a free Shoeboxed account right from the SmartVault portal. Both SmartVault and Shoeboxed have free plans that enable new users to test both services in their firm. To learn more about Shoeboxed, visit their site, and for more information on a free trial of the SmartVault service, visit their plans and pricing page.