Meet the New!

For those of you who have been following SmartVault for a while, you might notice that our corporate website got a pretty substantial makeover this week! After a couple of months of blood, sweat, and tears (no seriously), we’re really excited about where we ended up, and what we can do with the new digs.

We marketing gals worked some long hours over the past few weeks, but most of the credit is owed to the talent of our new web team, led by one Josh Cunningham from Seattle. He’s a whiz with WordPress, and gave us the modern look and intuitive architecture that we were hoping for. Thanks, J-Dawg!

With the new look, comes lots of new content and new ways to connect with SmartVault. We hope you’ll take a moment to poke around and tell us what you think… we’re still finding a broken link here or there, so be gentle!