How Are You Preparing for the End of the World?

Going Paperless Might Be a Good Place to Start

We Can’t Protect You from Zombies, But At Least Your Documents Are Safe!

We’ve been joking a lot lately about the end of the Mayan calendar, and our Going Paperless Isn’t the End of the World campaign (if you haven’t started your free trial of SmartVault, time is running out to get your $50 Amazon card!) has been a huge success . But whether you believe the world is ending next month or not, the whole concept of “the end of time” got us thinking about how we can help our customers be more prepared − in case of a disaster, in the event of an audit, or just in advance of next year’s busy season.

Most of us realize that moving to a paperless office is an important step toward preparing your business for all of the above. Secure online document storage means that you get automatic offsite backup of your files, and that you always have access to your documents when and where you need them.

I know I sleep better at night knowing that if zombies take over next week, my documents are protected. If only there were some way to store bottled water, flashlights, and pork ‘n’ beans in the cloud, I would be totally set. (Note to self: when zombies rule the earth, remember to strike it rich by starting an online storage company for canned goods.)

All kidding aside, we’d love to hear what you’re doing in your business to be more prepared. Are all your files backed up? Do you have a disaster recovery plan? How bout a stockpile of bottled water and pork ‘n’ beans?

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