November 2012

SmartVault Downtime Debrief

Today, SmartVault customers experienced a disruption in service. From approximately 6:09am to approximately 11:21am central time, the service was unavailable and our customers could not log in to the service or access their data. The service was restored at 11:21am central time to its full capacity and at no time was any customer data lost …


The Shopaholic’s Guide to Finding the Right Cloud Apps for Your Business

Yesterday a gal in our lunchroom overheard me talking about a tool that I use in our marketing department for automating email campaigns, and asked if she could pick my brain as a marketing manager. She wanted to know why I chose that tool, what my process is for choosing cloud apps for business, and …


Online Document Storage = a Little Peace of Mind in the Aftermath of Superstorm Sandy

Weather-wise, Houston (SmartVault’s hometown headquarters) is enjoying one of the best weeks of the year… it’s 75 degrees and sunny, and we’re loving it. But because we’re used to a hot and sticky subtropical climate, we’re no strangers to the threat of brutal storms like the one that descended on the East Coast earlier this …