SmartVault SDK 2.1 BETA

We’re proud to announce that the BETA for our 2.1 SDK will be available on 01/24/2011. Our project site is available on google projects at

You can join the discussion and announcement list at

Here is a brief synopsis, see our google project site for more details.

The SmartVault Software Windows Software Development Kit 2.1 (SV-WINSDK) provides 3rd party application developers with the ability to integrate the SmartVault document management system into their applications with a minimal amount of effort.

The SV-WINSDK provides two primary capabilities:

  • Support for 3rd party QuickBooks add-on applications that sync to QuickBooks from a Windows PC.
  • Support for a Windows or web-based application (running on a Windows PC) that wants integrated document storage and access to the SmartVault desktop user interface/wizards for scanning, uploading, and viewing documents.

We look forward to working with our partners on this effort.