Hacking the media!

During our webinar today on mobile security, the topic of the News of the World phone hacking scandal came up. I love how the media refers to this as hacking. Woooohhh…. scary images of Russian mobsters hopped up on coffee come to mind. Well, if it were so. Must be some pretty smart stuff hugh? Well not really. The voicemail (our as Brandon puts it the first cloud storage system) was accessed because it did not require a password to do so.

Run that by me one more time…. Well it’s all but trivial to spoof a caller id these days and the default setting for many voicemail systems is no password or a well known default password.

This is analogous to having a website that only requires a username to access data.

There is no doubt that determined hackers specifically targeting you can be a scary adversary. However, most “hacking” really comes down to people not taking simple measures to protect themselves. In this case, News of the World broke into people’s voicemail accounts because they did not lock the front door.

Take the simple steps to protect yourself online (as you do in the real world) and most of your security woes are mitigated.

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