July 2011

SmartVault Sponsors C4 University

With a shared goal of educating firms on the benefit of cloud technologies, experts align to provide rich learning experience HOUSTON, TX – July 19, 2011 – SmartVault, a leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) document storage and sharing solutions, aligns with C4 University to educate the profession on cloud technologies and cloud-related …


Cornering The Market On Premium Outsourced Accounting Services

A Great Practices Feature Profile of: Jennifer Katrulya, CPA, BMRG From the July 2011 Issue of The CPA Practice Advisor. Jennifer Katrulya, CPA, and owner of BMRG admits that there was a harsh learning curve to get her firm where it is today. And where is that exactly? The bright lights of Supa-Successville!


CPA Practice Advisor: July 2011 Review of Document Storage Systems

Best Firm Fit: The nature of the SmartVault model positions it as a solution that can be utilized in any organization. The existing integration with QuickBooks increases its value in firms that use QuickBooks. Core Product Functions/Features:  SmartVault is designed and delivered as a 100% SaaS solution accessed through a user’s browser. The nature of …