WebCPA – Working with QuickBooks

“Flying by the seat of your pants,” is not a phrase that should refer to how one runs their business. Unfortunately, it seems to describe all too many companies.

The good news is that the 4.5 million QuickBooks users and their accountants can take steps to work more efficiently with QuickBooks to get a solid grasp of a business’ financial health.

“With so many small businesses using QuickBooks, most CPAs are having to deal with inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent data they get from their clients,” said Doug Sleeter, founder of The Sleeter Group, a large QuickBooks consultant. “That presents all sorts of problems. Obviously, it’s hard to prepare a tax return from bad data, so a lot of CPAs find themselves in the business of cleaning up the QuickBooks data files from their clients. The core of the problem is that the clients were never really properly trained on how to put data in [QuickBooks].”

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