The CPA Tech Advisor: Document Management Isn’t Just for Accountants

In his column, “The QuickBooks Advisor,” Doug Sleeter reviews the top paperless document management solutions for QuickBooks users. Here’s what he had to say about SmartVault:

SmartVault is an online service, complemented by the SmartVault “Toolbar” that runs on the side of QuickBooks. This toolbar is the key differentiation that SmartVault’s product gives to the user. By having the simple, consistent, easy (no, obvious!) toolbar, the user immediately knows what the product does, how to use it, and when there are documents already attached to the current list and/or transaction.

With its latest release (version 3), SmartVault has expanded its service outside of the QuickBooks user base and has significantly enhanced the product by allowing you to create a folder and subfolder structure outside of QuickBooks. With this new approach, you can now store all your files securely online, and you can create new folders or just map existing Windows folders directly to SmartVault.
A key feature that accountants will like is that you can invite people to securely share and access documents and folders online. Think about how accountants and clients need access to the same data in order to work efficiently. We’ve been getting shared data on the Internet for a while now, with products like QuickBooks Online, but now SmartVault is adding shared access to the same document management system.

SmartVault is well on the way to delivering on the concept of a single, online document management solution for all business documents plus providing collaboration for accountants and their clients. And it doesn’t matter whether the documents are associated with QuickBooks transactions, with other application data, or not associated with any particular application. By providing the toolbar and integration with the Windows explorer, SmartVault is well positioned to become the common document management solution people will use for all documents, regardless of which applications they use.