SmartVault Expands Service Beyond QuickBooks to Address Needs of Accounting Firms and Business Customers

New Features Enable Users to Easily and Securely Store, Access and Share Documents Online

HOUSTON, TX – February 22, 2010 – SmartVault, a leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) document management solutions, today announced a major new version of its service, SmartVault V3, that expands beyond the QuickBooks user to enable all accounting professionals and business customers the ability to utilize SmartVault – as a single solution – to store, access and share documents easily and securely online.

SmartVault has built a reputation of providing an online document management solution with a unique and seamless integration with QuickBooks allowing the accountant or bookkeeper to intuitively store source documents attached directly to a QuickBooks transaction. With this new release SmartVault’s capabilities have been significantly expanded to address the document management needs of the accounting professional and business customer, regardless if they are using QuickBooks, by enhancing the document management capabilities of its paperless and online document storage technology.  With SmartVault V3, users can now customize their file and folder structure, easily invite other users to access specific folders, and integrate their SmartVault folders directly with Windows Explorer or the Mac OS, to securely drag and drop documents or entire folders to or from their local file system.

“SmartVault is still the ideal solution for the QuickBooks user. With the latest release of SmartVault, we are expanding beyond the bookkeeper and giving accounting firms what they have been asking for – a general purpose document management solution that the entire firm can use to securely store, access and share all of their client documents as well as the firms’ documents.  This release is also game changing for the business customer, expanding beyond QuickBooks means the entire office can now benefit from using SmartVault,” said Eric Pulaski, founder and CEO, SmartVault.

What’s new with SmartVault V3:

  • Customizable folder structure. Enables the user to organize multiple levels of folders for all their documents – not just those associated with QuickBooks. Prior to this release, the documents stored had to be associated with a transaction or a specific area within QuickBooks (such as the Report Center window), now users can create a customized folder / subfolder structure outside of QuickBooks to store all their files securely online.
  • Invitation only access to folders. Users can now invite one person or a group of people to access specific documents or an entire folder hierarchy in SmartVault.  Accountants can now invite clients to access financial statements, reports and other documents securely, without the use of unsecure email or cumbersome USB drives or CDs. Businesses can also invite their accountant, lawyer or other business service providers to a specific folder to view and share documents.  SmartVault has the flexibility to meet the needs of accounting firms, bookkeepers, and other professional services firms as well as offer a great document management solution for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Robust Windows Explorer Integration. With the SmartVault Web Drive, users can easily browse, upload, and download documents.  By simply mapping a drive letter to SmartVault, users have the ability to save documents from their favorite applications right into SmartVault.  SmartVault can also be used just like any other network share or local hard drive, giving users the ability to drag-and-drop or “Save to” SmartVault from any Windows application. Mapping of Web Drives is also available on any smart phone, Mac, Linux or UNIX computer that has a WebDav client – including Apple’s iPhone.

Pricing and Availability

SmartVault is available now and pricing starts at $19 a month for a single user with 2GB of storage.  A free plan is available with up to 100MB of storage. For more information, visit the SmartVault Website, or call 1.866.674.6785.