Hello world!

Welcome to SmartVault’s technical blog! Very excited to talk about the technology that powers SmartVault. I met several companies and individuals at the Sleeter Conference in Vegas that are interested in a SmartVault SDK.

I thought I would use this first post to give everyone an introduction to where we are with that effort. We currently have a beta program where we are working with a select group of partners to define, refine, test and shape our SDK.

Our first drop of that SDK is available at http://code.google.com/p/smartvault/. This initial drop exposes the capabilities of the SmartVault Desktop. The SDK currently provides you the ability to:

  1. Doc a Toolbar similar to the one we put into QuickBooks in your application.
  2. Provide your own paperclip UI in your application — but use our scanning & attach dialog.

Either approach you go with, our goal is to make it very easy to add document management capabilities to your application.

The current version of the SDK is designed to work through COM or .NET 2.0 on the Windows Desktop.

The SDK site has a couple of good resources to get started:

  1. Understanding the Basics
  2. Quick Start Guide

The current drop includes a simple COM and .NET sample.

Feel free to try it out. We’re interested in your questions, comments, and suggestions.

Look for more to come! We look to move fast on this effort!