July 2010

Bookkeeping in Bunny Slippers: SmartVault’s Simple Yet Effective Workflow for Outsourced Bookkeeping

QuickBooks Document Management for Bookkeepers and Business Owners When people think of document management solutions, they tend to focus primarily on the storage and retrieval of files.  Having a meaningful way to store document images and then find them quickly later is a big deal, especially if you’re working in an outsourced accounting or bookkeeping …


The CPA Tech Advisor: Review of Document Storage Systems

From the July 2010 Review of Document Storage Systems. SmartVault was originally designed as a doc-ument storage system for QuickBooks, but has moved towards a generic platform to store and share files, whether or not they are related to QB. CORE FUNCTIONALITY: SmartVault is a “cloud computing” solution provided in a web-hosted environment. The primary …


The CPA Tech Advisor: Workflow is King

Mobile professional payroll applications, online document storage, SaaS-based account-ing and practice management tools, and an in-practice knowledge sharing system were among the technologies honored at The CPA Technology Advisor’s 7th Annual Tax and Accounting Technology Innovation Awards. The Awards serve to identify and honor new and emerging technologies that have the potential for significant positive …