The Progressive Accountant: Handling Documents the Smart Way

From the November issue of The Progressive Accountant

To go paperless or not, is that really the question? I think not. I am from a generation that used typewriters for term papers. I like to see and feel paper. I enjoy a good cup of coffee with a newspaper, that is if you can find a newspaper anymore. But that really doesn’t apply to a document management system. You can still hold and look at paper with a good document management system. However, document management is more about our most valuable asset… Time.

How much time are you spending on looking for paperwork in a file cabinet? Why are you spending time faxing over documents to clients, when you can print them to a portal and they can access them whenever they need them? Are any of the above tasks billable? More importantly, how much of your most precious asset are you losing by doing tasks that don’t need to be done anymore when there is technology to help you? If you are not currently using a document management system, now is the time to get it started and enjoy the extra billable time you will have available. And believe me, we are talking about a significant amount of billable time that can be recovered by a good document management system.

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